Re: basic honda nc50 upgrades advice plz

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Thanx for your feedback guys!

This is good stuff.

I am definitely not trying to break any land speed records but have a few big hills around here i have to tangle with and I'm an average 80kgs which is on the borderline for nearly being too heavy for the little fella so i reckon it needs a little more muscle.

As well as that there is no moped scene at all in Melbourne, Australia. Everything i buy will probably have to get shipped halfway across the world.

There is plenty of scooters but i will be probably the only moped rider in the whole city, ive hardly ever seen any mopeds my whole life over here. By law, moped and scooter riders have to get a full motorbike licence to ride on the roads as of about 5 yrs ago even for 50cc's!.

This moped army page is my only source for advice and also made me realize how cool they are!

My nc50 has been neglected a little bit, but starts without trouble and i will take all this good advice and freshen it up a bit first before i go modding. Clean the carbon out, new gaskets, new plug. etc

Should i start running the premix now though?

I saw a 2nd hand hobbit exhaust on ebay for $20 but its a wierd looking boxy thing, not an actual pipe like i'd expected.

So does that mean i can buy an exhaust upgrade for the pa50 or pa50II and modify it to fit on my nc50??, it looks very similar in shape to the nc50 exh, maybe something like this.. (hope the link works).

So i can get a 16mm mikuni on there if i get someone to help make a manifold? Which one would be the easiest??.

That means i a better air filter will plug straight on too wont it?

I know a few very mechanically minded people that will help.

Hopefully if i can pull off some of these first mods, i can eventually throw a big bore kit into it. I dont want to get too carried away and start some major project that i will give up on or ruin halfway through but id like to see a few shocked faces in my rearview mirrors occasionally.

Thanks again!!

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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