basic honda nc50 upgrades advice plz

hoggboy /

Hey guys,

Im an extremely happy new owner of a 78 Honda express nc50 that needs a bit of freshening up but im a moped noob. I have been doing my research since i bought it and been realizing the awesomeness of mopeds. It seems there arent many simple bolt on upgrades specifically for the nc50.

All i want to know is ...

1. What is a good carb to upgrade to? (mikuni 16mm seems to be popular or 15mm dellorto maybe?)

2. What is a good exhaust upgrade? (a little bit of cutting and welding would be ok)

3. A good air filter?

I have seen a lot of different things on nc50's so far and have studied a lot of the forum but everything ive seen seems to need a LOT of work to bolt on. has a bazillion moped parts but im not sure which ones to buy.

If someone could suggest some suitable parts i would be very happy and much less confused..


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