Re: sachs 505/1A, How do i make it faster?

Tate /

Yeah, I really like my 505 1d.

People say the clutch is shit, but I had the drive gear strip on my first D engine before the clutch gave way. I did feel some slippage in there though. That engine was fucked when I got it though.

Now I have a D with a fresh rebuild on there and have had zero issues. I just put a biturbo hack/weld job on there` and I likes it.

I also put a 15mm amal carb and that fit on there perfectly.

I wish I could get the old autism kit, because there isn't a mild kit for the sachs. Its either 50 or 76cc's.

I think I am just going to port the hell out of a D cylinder and one of the extra cases I have,

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