Re: 78 garelli upgrades

tomtom /

oh yeah, tip: non detergent oil or else you're fucked! buuuuuuuuuuuuuut you dont always need 30w. you CANNOT shave your clutch, you cannot add material (ok... not completely untrue, but shhh) but you can "tune" your clutch with different viscosity oil

the wiki is your best friend. the search function is your best. dont give up on your garelli!

get a bing or dellorto carb, no bigger than 15mm, port the intake and exhaust, get a pipe from ed, adjust your gearing, high comp head or mill the head, cdi, clean your ped (wheel bearings, engine bearings, etc), tires, tubes, chain, etc... get the basics running like quicksilver then add shit to it.

ask round for a kit, she'll roar with a polini but really.. unless you know how to deal with a garelli clutch, a kit isn't worth the trouble :)

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