Re: 78 garelli upgrades

tomtom /

ha, lucky deal! read the wiki about gearing and talk to ed for a pipe and a smaller front sprocket.


"angelo": is also one of those amazing stand up godly guys

i have a few polini kits but theyre back ups for when i eventually fuck up my kitted garelli... sorry, no sale ever end of story. theyre still around if you can find them

instead... look at the wiki for simple everyday mods. the garelli has a strong quality engine. you can find hi comp heads or just mill the stock one... fuck around with gearing, a 15 bing, some porting and a pipe from ed will definitely hit 40 pretty damn quick.

HARDWIRE YOUR PED... if the tail light blows, it wont start. Want some extra goodies? get a cdi from ed.

there a lots of secrets, but as you learn about mopeds, 2 strokes and garellis..youll discover them all. be patient and enjoy. although you dont have the ability to max out the credit card with performances like any puch owner (sorry duders and dudettes, but its true...not without saying there are not a lot of incredibly talented and knowledgable puch owners out there), you do have a quality ped that will eat shit, careless metal shavings and still haul ass. watch the clutch and rest easy in the fact that as you learn how to make your garelli scream high hell blaster heaven you'd have learned how to make ANY 2 stroke better faster stronger

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