Re: Who knows about pipe bending and modification?

Tate /

Yeah, I was really hustling trying to find a jog to put all these parts on.

Jogs are awesome. They are the razz's bad ass brother. Total sleeper but they can be made absurdly fast. Not easy to find though. People probably looked at them, looked at the razz right next to it in the show room and were like they look exactly the same, why is this one a couple hundy more?

So you are thinking I should just make a new header?

The more I look at the pipe, the more I am think this:

Cut it where the red lines are, right where the first widening of the pipe. Then bend it a little more straight/forward like how the blue lines are.

I was doing some searching, and the best sounding method I have found is to fill up the section to be bent with sand and to heat up the section you want to bend with map gas torch action.

That sound about right? I am not trying to kink and ruin the pipe, but I am hoping to save as much OG header as possible.

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