v1 cdi works great but what about my lights now

adam12 /

ok i got a v1 cdi from ed and it works great . i got a timing light on it ,and its fully retarded and the line still doesn't match up with the case arrow at idle. and the screws are maxed out so i cant get a screw driver in there any more not really a problem as it still runs great. just wondering if this is normal? my other problem is the lights .i took out the points and condensor but there was a wire (Black) going to the lighting coil and then to the condensor im assuming that was the brake light wire. well i just soldered the black wire to the wire coming out of the lighting coil that was connected to the condesor and just left the (blue) wire attached to the other end of the lighting coil as is which im assuming is for head lights, and tail light, and horn etc. well now the head light is very dim as well as the tail light and the horn barely works. the brake light works same as before but now it just blows bulbs in like 5 seconds and i replaced the 6 volt brake light with a 12 and still super bright for like 5 seconds and pop. is there something i can do to make my lights work like before? voltage regulator? i boned im usualy good with wiring so this is really buggin me any help would be great !!! i used the search but still came up with no answers wtf?!?!?!

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