Re: best vespa grande upgrades

jason w /

1. you don't need a performance crank for what you want to do

2. stock variators suck

2.1 Weights in a variator have to be adjusted based around what sort of pipe you have. You can't just say that "this" weight works the best. Not how it works.

2.2 For what you want to do, you could go with either a Malossi or a Polini variator (steer clear of the Utah and TJT). You're not Terry Dean. You're not making a crazy racing ciao. You won't blow it up.

3. I would recommend finding some Kinetic CDI. You'll need the internal components as well as the flywheel, coil, and CDI box. (so everything)

4. I agree that the Leovince is a nice zippy low end pipe. It won't rev out real high, but you're not really looking for that. But honestly there are a number of pipe options out there. You just have to find what's best for you.

5. Happy Building

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