Re: new tomos hybrid - A16

Brian out in the Field /

I hate to bring up and rehash a bad subject, but unless you have a box of first gears laying around, your riding time is limited. The reason Tomos switched to the A35 with cork clutches is so the transmission would last much longer. The asbestos clutch along with any increased power is to much for the A3 first gear. It will crack, if it is not already. If you do not believe me, look carefully at the center of the gear where the rollers on the counter-shaft press on the internal wall of the first gear. The longer the cracks extend out towards the outside, the less time you have and less HP I would apply to it. Plus they start to warp the more cracked it is. The gear will hold on as long as it can but it was not designed for abuse. This is why the gears are larger in an A35 than a A3 and they made the clutch the weak link (easily replaced) in the A35. Now if you are like me, I just see it as a lightweight racing gear that needs to be babied (hi torque bad). The transmission is can go faster because it is lighter and can turn higher rpms. To turn higher rpms in an A3, you need a roller bearing in your wrist pin. I will stop now, I think you got the point, parts are limited and fragile. My setup is a A35 Airsal 70cc top end, Jasil A3 racing crankshaft with roller bearing wrist pin, asbestos clutches, HPI CDI assembled with all NOS parts collected though the years. Top speed: ??? to old and scared to find out, wait till summer and I let one of the young kids ride it. Good luck

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