Re: Torn between pipes...

the worst terry /

i know this thread is old, but i'm doing pipe homework and i missed it the first time around.

i just wanted to ask matt a question, weren't you the one who got your motomatic pipe in parts and you welded up the header your self? and didn't you add like a foot to it or something? not that that's bad or anything, but you can't put the blame on motomatic for not performing to your standards when you only running a motomatic chamber on some crazy header thing you made yourself.. not how that pipe was designed to perform at all.

also, you guys realize the pipe doesn't care what kind of carb you have on your bike, right? size matters, of course, but bing=dellorto=whatever else. carbs a carbs a carb.

there is a hobbit in sacramento that is still running the stock carb on the malossi kit with a destroyer and it rips.

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