moby exhaust

Has any one used the above mentioned exhaust? It looks good.

I have a new G2, 19mm intake and 21mm pbhg on a 70cc parmakit w/ hi-comp head. I am building this 50v for my wife to ride, mid to high 40's.

I was cureious if the simonini pipe above would get me there, maybe the G2 is overkill for this build? Same with the 19mm intake and carb., would a 15mm get me to the mid to upper 40's?

(I know the siminoni is expensive but I may be able to get it used for a bit less.)

Re: moby exhaust

If you mill the head and add a small block spacer that kit should be able to rip. The pipe is about right for the size carb. Hell you could probably put it together and make it work without milling the head or creating a spacer.

Re: moby exhaust

It's a decent pipe with modifications. It has an old baffle style silencer, but if you rebuild it so it's flow-thru like new exhaust it's not bad. Devin put it on a moby he did with just ported stock and hand milled head and did somewhere in the mid 40's.

Re: moby exhaust

Look make your life easy and either use the g2 or get a g3. The G3 + phbg + parmakit properly installed with some case matching will get you into the 50s no problem if you know what you are doing. If you are going to run a parmakit and a pipe, strongly consider a better crank. Stocker is nice but not designed for the parmakit IMO.

My point is this. Why bother with modifying a sim if you can just slap on a G3, G2 or Doppler and rip like crazy?

Re: moby exhaust

Julian - this little pipe allows pedal and stand clearance. It's nifty for what it is (probably holding the bike back but def better than stock). Not having a center stand sucks.

Kevo - thanks for tip on this pipe - I have this pipe and I am going to rip my silencer apart and see what is going on in there. It has a very nasty habit of collecting black goo after long rides and that shit is probably really gunked up in there. It definitely feels a little restricted (even with de-restrictor ripped out of the header area).

Re: moby exhaust

Oh good point.

Re: moby exhaust

Thanks for the input. I sold the G2. Buying the Simo circuit. Someone else running nearly the same set up I have does 48 with the simo and supposedly has good low end and does well on hills with the stock variotor. Thats all I want, this build is for my wife and friends to ride with me so I don't need anything crazy.

And keeping the pedals and kickstand is a plus.

So heres where I am at 19mm dell. & intake, 70cc parma, high comp. head.

I made a base gasket out of super thick gasket material hopefully that helps a bit for now, I am going to bring my template to a machine shop and see what it would cost to have a nice aluminum spacer made at some point.

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