Jawa moped.....slant transfer, know anything about

hey man

got a Jawa moped.

on taking apart the engine i noticed an odd port arrangement

in the cylinder.

instead of the transfers just being holes in the cylinder these

transfers were a diagonal slash going up the cylinder wall

kinda reminds me of Puch open transfers....

my engine is the 207 but i also have access to a 210 and

have noticed the same port arrangement in that motor to.

anybody have any knowledge about these ?

trevor , i know you have them.

Re: Jawa moped.....slant transfer, know anything a

those are boost port/transfers.

they work in conjuction with the Main Transfers at BDC to transfer fuel.

there are a good place to start with mild porting

read any post that bigblockfiero posted in the last month.

Re: Jawa moped.....slant transfer, know anything a


thats what i thought.

at bdc it looks like they would just transfer more mixture

than just an ordinary transfer

transfer/boost port..........those pesky czechs were thinking

another guy widened the exhaust port and intake ,left the

slant transfers alone and got 43mph with a 18phbg carb

and a modded pipe. no other mods


gotta read bigblockfiero now


Re: Jawa moped.....slant transfer, know anything a

later, i was thinking as for porting, was aiming the shot of fuel, and raising the timing, then prob. what you said, but one thing at a time.


Re: Jawa moped.....slant transfer, know anything a

just went thru the super stuffy crank thread.


i see what bigblockfiero is doing is trying to add another

transfer to a 2 transfer piston port engine.

if you had a 3rd transfer opposite the exhaust port in my

opinion it would do the same thing he proposes to do with

a 2 transfer cylinder

the jawa slash transfers i see just seems to augment the

2 transfers .

nothing like bigblockfiero is doing.

slash transfer are tame compared to what he*s doing

wish he had better pics

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