Variator Questions

Andrew La Count /

i got a Kinetic TFR when i was about 13. back then it was a perfect moped for me. i weighed about half what i do now. i am replacing a blown base gasket on the moped. i would like to do some performance mods to it to make it haul me a little easier. when i am done fixing the engine. i dont care much for higher top end. i live in an area with lots of hills so i can go pretty fast down hills. the problem is going up hills. i have been told to get a variator clutch or something for it. i dont really understand what a variator clutch is. do i buy a whole assembled variator clutch or do i buy parts to make mine a variator? also i heard that a variator clutch wont make a difference on my ped unless i get a variated rear hub? can anyone steer me in the right direction please?

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