Sheared Korado Crank - PICS

King Drunky JCams /

Ok, so this really sucks.

My first real catastrophic engine failure on any of my bikes... While riding at about 50mph today, I heard a sudden snap sound, and then, the bike revved like crazy, but zero power. Running fine, just no go when I twist the throttle...

I though my clutches had given out or broken in some way...

When I removed the cover, my jaw dropped.

Snapped my crank. Also broke a tooth off of my primary gear.

Here are the pics:

So, I've got a kickstart Korado engine that needs a new crank, and a primary gear.

I'm guessing I'll never be able to find one. At least, not one for less than $$$$$... I know they are different because the gears on the Korado are cut backwards compared to the regular E50. Not sure if the kickstart Korado was the only one like this - possibly the pedal version Korado engines had the same crank?

So, my beautiful, fast, fun Pinto may have ridden it's last ride.

Sucks soooooooooooooo hard.

Anybody have any idea where I might find a kickstart Korado crank and primary gear? Any leads would be greatly appreciated.


Just not my week.

Re: Sheared Korado Crank - PICS

The crank is the same as any e50.Only the primary gear,clutch bell,(and scene you have the kick start version) the clutch are different

Re: Sheared Korado Crank - PICS

really suckish..... but F it, now get a nice rito crank for the red baby...

and my prayers out to your dog :( i only got to meet her once...

Re: Sheared Korado Crank - PICS

King Drunky JCams /

Jeremy, I'm pretty sure that the Korado crank is different than a stock e50. I could be wrong, but I thought for sure they were not the same...

The korado crank is a needle bearing crank.

Regular E50 cranks don't have a needle bearing do they?

Again, not sure....

Can anybody verify that the cranks from a regular e50 are the same as the korado crank?

Re: Sheared Korado Crank - PICS

Looks like it has been cracked for a while. In the pictures there are areas that are rusty indicating that there was a crack there that could have been as old as the engine. So it prob wasn't anything that you did

Re: Sheared Korado Crank - PICS

Dude, is that little chip out of that one tooth the extent of the damage?

I don't see that being an issue. Maybe you could even weld it up a little then grind it down if its worse than it looks. I had a sachs 505 1d that stripped 5 teeth clean off and it still ran. It ran shitty as hell and something was obviously wrong, but my point is 1 tooth shouldn't even be a big deal.

It still sucks, I know the feeling, but I don't think its a mortal wound. Especially if like dude says any old e-50 crank will work for you.

Re: Sheared Korado Crank - PICS

the crank is the same

Re: Sheared Korado Crank - PICS

King Drunky JCams /

Fuckin' A.

Rito - here I come.

I might try to do something to get that chipped tooth on the primary gear back to it's original shape.

Thank you all so much for the prompt info.

I love this site.

Re: Sheared Korado Crank - PICS

Probably Fred /

Any E50 crank will work. The gear is fine. smooth it with a file if you want

Re: Sheared Korado Crank - PICS

King Drunky JCams /

Word. When it broke today, I was nowhere near it's full rpm potential.

Yeah, the rust was a clear indicator that the crank had been slowly breaking over time.

When I got these engines, (I got two) they had about 25 miles on each. I've been running a gila on the engine for many miles. Probably around 1500.

It's funny, my lack of Puch rebuild experience.

The new korado engine was partially to blame for that. Since it was nearly NOS when I got it, I just ran it hard as is without one thought of rebuilding it from top to bottom.

Even fast as hell on the top end, I have to admit when I ride the Pinto I often long for my hobbit and soon to be my derbi :)

Re: Sheared Korado Crank - PICS

how does that happen?

Re: Sheared Korado Crank - PICS

Justin I have a primary drive shaft off of an 86 maxi that is cut the oppisite of my other e-50's. I wonder if it would work for ya?

Re: Sheared Korado Crank - PICS

The Korado crank is the same as any E50 crank, anything goes.

The main gear will probably run fine if you smooth out any rough edges. If you're still in doubt about it, they're not rare at all here in Europe. Just tell me if you need a 1 bearing or 2 bearing gear and I'll be able to find you one pretty quick. Altho the euro to dollar ratio isn't really in your favour at the moment.

Re: Sheared Korado Crank - PICS

I.R.E. Mike Pee /

Oh shit, I have the other engine from you. I haz cracky crank? :P

Yeah, the clutch bell and main drive gear are toothed differently from a normal e50 (angle is different). I'd just run that drive gear cuz you ain't gonna find another one with those teef.

Re: Sheared Korado Crank - PICS


oh noz. ^don't be mad Jcams, I didn't sell that kicker, I traded for pedal start + korado top end to get my nostalgia goin again. Mike will build it right too.

Best o luck w this, shouldn;t be too difficult. Those durn gilas!

Re: Sheared Korado Crank - PICS

yeah, i'd file that chipped tooth to remove any burrs or sharp edges and run it as is. if that's all the damage you're looking at, you'll be fine.

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