Treet kit top speeds? Treat cup?

I've had this puch 70 tccd 'treat kit' laying on the shelf for a couple years now, and am finally getting around to building it with an extra E-50 i had...

I'm going pretty extreme, and wondering who has the speed record on these things? I remember that guy out of florida was doing something like 57 on one last year, has anyone beat that yet?

also, wouldn't it be cool to do a budget racing league with all tccd kits? they are prety ubiquitous and cheap enough you can do really wacky radical stuff and not be scared of blowing it up.

We were talking about moped racing in Wisconsin with the madison kids... if we get that going would there be enough people in the midwest to run a heat of 'Treat kit only' e-50's?

For those of us who straight cant afford a Polini it would be pretty cool.

Re: Treet kit top speeds? Treat cup?

well i'm running the K_star kit on my e-50 and it dose about 57.... but that was after ALOT of modding the cylinder and clutch tuning and the right gearing.... not the TCCD but the port map and every thing are just about the same, just a different name...

Re: Treet kit top speeds? Treat cup?

old school brent has one of those similar kits (its an airsal 70 actually) and hes got at least 64-65 mph in that thing. I was tapped out at 50 and he BLEW by me like actually had 10mph on me without trying

Re: Treet kit top speeds? Treat cup?

yeah, old school brent was the guy i was thinking of who was really ripping hard...

65 hmm, thats going to be hard...

do you know what carb he's running on that? still using a simonini pipe?

does he have his cases, kit welded up?

Re: Treet kit top speeds? Treat cup?

joey on freebirdturd /

i built one for a customer that went around 61-62 and got there damn fast. properly setup and tuned they can rip insanely hard. almost at polini level with enough time.

Re: Treet kit top speeds? Treat cup?

He blasted me while rocking the technigas twins.

Re: Treet kit top speeds? Treat cup?

lol, technigas twin..

i think this will be pretty fast. I'm doing it quick and dirty. pintos like it ruff.

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