Puch/Polini Jetting Question

I know this isn't the best setup, but it's what I'm going to have to run for the next month or two until I get cash together to have my bottom end matched and stuff. What would a good starting point be, jetting wise, for:

ZA50 Bottom end, unported/matched

64cc polini kit

15mm bing carb

techno estoril exhaust

right now I've got i think and eighty something in it and it dies the second i open the throttle - changing the needle depth on the throttle slide does nothing. I'm thinking I may have a jetting issue. Thoughts?

Re: Puch/Polini Jetting Question

every bike is different. i have a polini/e50 matched, biturbo, 15mm bing and i'm running an 86 at 5300ft. i would start where you are.

Re: Puch/Polini Jetting Question

Probably Fred /

Put the clip down all the way( rich) and 88 jet with foam or metal mesh hi pef. filter

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