alukit on a e50?

hey guys, i have a kind of frankenstein of a ped, with components from 14 different peds. i have a 15mm bing on it, and everything is running great. so here's where the quesh comes in. i also have a tomos with a 70cc kit on it, the alukit. i wanted to put this kit on my e50, but im not sure if i can after reading on treats' page for the kit 'fit this on a puch if you have the skills.' which sketched me out.

i noticed on treats that there's a separate 70cc kit for the puch with the reed valve, and i was just wondering how feasible it is to put the tomos alukit on a puch? what exactly needs to be modified in order to make it fit?

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Стев Браун /

the puch reed kit is the same as a tomos alukit, except the puch version has a flat exhaust port.

you'll need to tweak your pipe a little bit, figure out an intake, but that's it

doesn't the puch raniel bought from the tampa guys have an alukit on it? go look at it

Re: alukit on a e50?

it has the puch treats reed kit on it. i put that bike together. is it still running well?

Re: alukit on a e50?

it's actually running amazing. he's got it tuned perfectly now and has one of the fastest ped's in orlando.

Re: alukit on a e50?

:) yeaaaaaahhhh

Re: alukit on a e50?


This is what you'll need.

The Tomos Shorty intake, a Dellorto or anything that fits that intake.

A tomos pipe or puch but, you'll have to extend the spacing for a puch pipe.

If you use a Tomos pipe you'll have to bend the header. If you use a Puch pipe same thing.

I have a Puch e50 with a Tomos alukit 15:15, it blasts hard

Re: alukit on a e50?

Malossi four pedal intake and PHBG for super blast. and yeah you have to hack a pipe but that's easy.

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