reeds questions

Clinton Saldana /

i have the athena 70 kit.. want to upgrade to a 4 petal reed though not sure which one would work best.

atleast i would wanna get rid of the metal reeds in there now to carbon, any suggestions on that also.. thanks duderinos!!

Re: reeds questions

well theres 2 different athena reed kits so it depends on which one youve got... theres the regular reed kit which have a 2 petal block with metal reeds and you can get some boyseen carbon reeds for that one, i dont think you can get a 4 petal in there without doing some crazy work but maybe.... then theres the AJH which has a bigger flatish 2 petal block, those you can put 4 petals in with the use of a simple riser or atleast thats what ive heard... supposedly the gila/mb5 blocks are the same size and should fit if you make a riser or there was a dude selling some gila risers on the buy/sell a bit ago....

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