Stalling after 10 seconds at WOT

Ever since I put a 15 bing on my a35, it's been stalling on me once up to speed and having the throttle wide open for about ten seconds. It's definitely a lean bog, but everything seems good and juicy when pulling off the line.

So, I'm guessing it's just the carb bowl emptying out and not filling fast enough, but with the bowl off, the gas flows fast, and when the petcock is left on, I get a little overflow, so I don't think it's my float setting...

I'm just seeking alternative ideas.

Re: Stalling after 10 seconds at WOT

GARzan Justin /

My 50/50 Maxi did this for a WHILE. I was a mess for the longest time because of it. First, I adjusted my float 'till my head exploded, and it never did a thing. Then I thought it was my condenser, so I replaced it. Then I thought it was the spark plug boot, so I replaced it. Then I thought it was the spark plug wire, so I replaced it. Then I thought it was my points, so I got a whole new stator. Then I thought it was my timing, so I reset it. Then I thought it was my grounds, so I made a common ground point. Then I thought it was wiring, so I just decided to re-do the ENTIRE frame, paint and all, and hard wire it while I was there. Then I replaced my needle (was running a genuine Dell needle in a PHBG clone), and it fixed everything.

Suspect everything. Trust nothing. I ended up with a brand new bike trying to solve that one problem. Sweet!

Re: Stalling after 10 seconds at WOT

Interesting. Do you have any idea what might have been wrong with it, or did you replace the needle with one of a different shape, and if so, what shape did you go with?

Re: Stalling after 10 seconds at WOT

GARzan Justin /

Well, the needle that came in my clone is quite a bit longer than a genuine needle, but the indexes for the clip are much lower; if that makes sense. It's about the same size as a genuine W7, but when you actually put the clip in it and run it, it ends up sitting a bit higher (richer) than a W7 in my clone. I don't even know why I tried running a genuine needle, probably thought "hmm, genuine, must be good". This was incorrect. My problem was I could go WOT for maybe 1 or 2 blocks before it lost all power. I never soft seized, I don't think, because the cylinder and piston looked fine, even after I fixed the problem and blasted with it for another few hundred miles.

With the clone needle, I ran a 70-something jet. With the genuine needle, I was at a 90-something jet, that's how lean it made everything. I just thought my port job sucked fuel until I looked at it. There wasn't anything wrong with anything, they just weren't compatible, it turns out.

But, like I said (wasn't clear on this bit), when I stuck the original clone needle back in, I could jet it like a normal human being, and it ran stupidly fast.

Probably not the problem you're having though, it's just inspiration.

Re: Stalling after 10 seconds at WOT

Frederick vdL /

This shouldn't be the problem, however; are you running a fuel filter between your fuel line? I've once had that my carb couldn't draw enough fuel through the line, as you mentioned that your bowl might not draw fuel fast enough - so it stalls.

Heard that some fuel filters delay the flow of the fuel, especially the bigger fuel filters. This turned out not to be my problem - but I'm just throwing it out there for your sake.

Try fiddling with the carb, clean the jet, check the needle and the bowl once again etc.

Re: Stalling after 10 seconds at WOT

YOu shouldnt have any overflow with the petcock left on. Your needle or float may be sticking and preventing enough fuel flow under heavy load.

Re: Stalling after 10 seconds at WOT

Well, the carb is completely missing the little float bowl gasket, so I'm kind of thinking it's capillary action, as it's not a steady flow; it's just always wet on the outside. Everything inside it fresh and clean, so it does not appear to be a matter of sticking.

Re: Stalling after 10 seconds at WOT

its not a matter of cleanliness always... the needle rubber changes shape over time, causing it to not be a perfect seal anymore. ive run a hundred bings without the gasket, with a proper float needle you shouldnt need the gasket to stop the fuel, if you look carefully its not coming from that gasket anyways.

i think your problem is you are draining the bowl. check the health of the petcock flow, check and/or remove the little brass filter in the feed spigot (barbed fitting) on the bing, remove any fuel filter, and replace the fuel line if its shrunk and crappy.

should solve it.

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