puch athena ajh 50cc piston

Can anyone help me? I'm thinking I have the wrong piston in here. It's a single ring with four little oiler holes, that don't really match up to the intake at all. I just put this on and it won't rev for shit

Re: puch athena ajh 50cc piston

Anyone?? Maybe cut a big booster port on the piston like the 70cc?

Re: puch athena ajh 50cc piston

That's the reed valve cylinder, yeah? If so, that's the right piston. For my 70cc DMP, I connected the four holes, and lowered them in a rectangle shape roughly 2.5x the height of the stock holes; and that's just for a piston ported kit with regular ol' boost ports. But since you've got reeds (where basically the whole intake window is a boost port, I'd just make a HUGE window on the intake side of the pison for extra boostage. I mean huge. Take a look at what the people are doing to the 70cc Treats Reed kit for inspiration.

Then tell me how it goes; I've been lusting after that kit forever.

Re: puch athena ajh 50cc piston

Crap, totally missed the real problem at hand. If it's not revving out all the way, then your problem lies in tuning tuning tuning

That kit should rev to the moon as it comes from the factory. I think the Wiki says 12k RPM, my heart says 1,000,000 RPM

So get it tuned and running right, _then_ hack it up for "more power".

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