My E50 set up... FEED BACK!! lol

Okay so, after a little bit of searching, I found some cheap bits for my e50. I have no money at all, so i have to catch deals when I can.

I'm shooting for a reliable 40mph set up for now. What I came up with is...

2hp cylinder (i have the 1hp now... keep the same piston, right??)

16 malossi SHA carb kit. (intake carb and filter)

15 tooth front sprocket

techno circuit pipe.

I have no clue where to start jetting at.

This will be my first time digging in to a motor like this. So please, shoot me any feed back you can.

Thanks Guys.

Re: My E50 set up... FEED BACK!! lol

might not be able to keep the same piston.

but i can tell you for a fact. my buddy and i ported his 1.5 hp cylinder.

matched the exahaust to the boss.

opened up the intake to 16mm all around. and he is running the same carb as you.

39mph all day. but takes a bit.

Re: My E50 set up... FEED BACK!! lol

i have read smitty's guid to porting... but i honestly still have no clue to go about it.

Can you give some insite as how to go about porting?

opened up the intake? matched the exhaust?

I might practice on the stock cylinder.

Re: My E50 set up... FEED BACK!! lol

If you're porting the exhaust & intake ports use a dremel or drill w/metal grinding bits, but TAKE YOUR TIME! Stabilize the cylinder. Be meticulously gentle and don't overdue it...It's like carving a pumpkin with an X-acto knife in someone else's hand.

High torque top end, 15 Bing w 15 or 14 intake, and that pipe should get you to 40mph. Switch gearing to 16/40 for better results and jet in the high 60's.

Re: My E50 set up... FEED BACK!! lol

I have a pretty steady hand. I have confidence in that aspect... But I wouldn't know where to start when it comes to shaping. What to take out of where.

I may leave that be for a while.

Re: My E50 set up... FEED BACK!! lol

If you aren't comfortable reshaping ports, just match the outsides of the ports to your pipe and intake. Make a smooth transition from where you dremeled on the outside down farther into the port, but don't mess with the port windows on the inside of the cylinder. It's a pretty safe way to get comfortable hacking away at your cylinder with a dremel.

I would also go at least 16 up front, unless you have something smaller than a 45 on the back. I'm geared at 16x45 on mine, and it'll do a solid 38-39 (although yeah, it takes a while to get there.)

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