Hobbit Seizure

I have everything together and ready to run my setup, but I am nervous about what ive heard when hobbits seize. The rear wheel locks up? I drilled my jet out to a little larger than 90. not too sure. i have a 70cc polini and motomatic destroyer. the stock carb. does this jet sound like it will be big enough? any suggestions?

Re: Hobbit Seizure

Its not going to like seize immediately if its the wrong jet.

Just do your plug chops and you will be cool.

Sounds like the right neighborhood jet wise, but you never can tell.

So long as you can tell the difference between a fourstroke sound and a lean sound, just play it by ear then plug chop.

Jetting in hobbits is a bitch though.

Re: Hobbit Seizure

it'll be alright, gasket everything. if it soft seizes after 2 miles, don't freak out. i've totally split and rebuilt 7 engines, new gaskets all the way through out, and every time they ride 2 ta 3 miles and shut down. let it cool and never does it again. that is, i kept it at 20-25 mph til this happens. first tank with 32:1

Re: Hobbit Seizure

It will be totally fine. Grip it and rip it.

There's no nancies allowed in mopeds

Re: Hobbit Seizure

what he said ^

Re: Hobbit Seizure

excuse me, "she"

Re: Hobbit Seizure

If the engine siezes on a Hobbit, the rear wheel will not lock up The drive clutch and the variator will go to zero speed and the belt will slip.

Re: Hobbit Seizure

So feel free to rip ass Nancie!!

thats her name... right?

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