home ported and piped qt50

hey everyone, i posted this project a while ago but it took over a month for my piston to arive from the u.k. and i just got it together. what i have done to it is a moderate port job (105 transfer 160 exhaust with considerably widened intake and transfers, and a massive amount of exhaust area compared to stock) custom 55% larger reed block, and a home made exhaust system. the stock carb is very restrictive, and at that i still haven't even jetted, its way rich and the head leaks, very untrue and only makes 60psi compression so it isn't running its best but still way faster then stock. anyhow hears some videos of it running.



once i get a bigger carb mill the head, got some stiffer clutch springs and get it dialed in i think it could be pretty impressive for a 50cc machine.

also, has anyone used the peewee cycle hole shot clutch springs for the pw50 in their qt? my current set up (pic attached) is a set of home depot rigged up springs that just felt a bit stiffer and a few holes in the clutch to lighten it up, it slips up to about 15mph and then thunks in nice but i really want it to be able to stall up to like 3 or 4k and then slip in. im thinking spring pressure is the route to go for this and not more lightening?


Re: home ported and piped qt50

here she is in all her stripped down semi functional non road legal glory. the turn signals have all been broken off, the foot pegs have been broken and repaired 4 times, the handlebars have been broken off and replaced with a stem from a mountain bike and a set of atv bars, the front rack is cracked, the speedo gear is stripped, the back brakes don't work and the levers are broken off at the ends, and im not sure what happened to the headlight but it used to have one. i got it for free from my neighbor years ago and i used to jump it and off road it allot. so it is in rough shape but that little yamaha sure will take an ass whippin, very well built machine.


Re: home ported and piped qt50

hah! those chamber dimesions are overkill!

how did you make your cones and chamber?

nice pipe, any pics of the portmap?

Re: home ported and piped qt50

I bet that powerband is forever. Good cheap fast fun.

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