Sprocket Teeth = How Far on Dropouts?

I want to get a bigger rear sprocket for hills blasting. I have the axle all the way back on the dropouts, so there is room to go up. By adding 4 teeth, how far up on the dropouts do you think that will go? Is there a quickie math calc I can use to figure this out? I could measure diameter of my existing 48 and find out what a 52 is... but that sounds like hard math work for me to figure out right now.

Re: Sprocket Teeth = How Far on Dropouts?

every tooth is one half inch of extra chain. You are most likely going to have to add links to go up 4 teeth

Re: Sprocket Teeth = How Far on Dropouts?

Mick Baltards /

In case somebody searches this and lands on this thread in the future... I figured out what I need to do, which is nothing in my case. My stock Moby chain has 50 links - gearing 11 x 54. This project Moby has 11 x 48 with 49 links in the chain. Since I have lots of room to move the axle forward in the dropouts, I can easily do a 52 rear sprocket.

I think I have my PBGH rally gearing figured out now.

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