my new ped

My latest build:

78 moby av7...

cheap cdi

70cc parma

doppler crank

high comp water cooled head

24mm oko

doppler er2 with 2g...need lighter.

peugeot tsm wheels

the only real issue i have had with it is the exhaust port and transfers not uncovering properly. I have about of 3mm of (make your own gasket) for base gasket. just need to mill the top of the cylinder a little. very low compression ratio. all in all, this thing whips the shit out of my metra 80 large port build. this is just an rpm monster!


Re: my new ped


Re: my new ped

Awesome, what sort of CDI is that?

Re: my new ped

Re: my new ped

Here is another picture for your viewing pleasure.

Yes that is the cdi unit that i have. I wish i had the money to get the mvt millenium, basically for the small magneto. I installed the HPI on my metra 80 and that lighter rotational mass is amazing! But the er2 is much lighter than the stock variator and that helps out a bunch.

If anyone out there has a doppler clutch pulley(driven), please send it to me:) I really really need one and there isnt one fuckin anywhere. For now i just run a worn out belt.

and for everyone out there, after building a puch and a motobecane, the french bikes are way more fun to build!!!!! There are so many more tuning variables, and just all around more fun.


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