puch 70cc 45mm reed valve kit

got this from treats

puch 70cc 45mm reed valve kit


polini PHBG 19mm - 21mm reed block intake

It hits the magnum frame, and also its at a really weird angle

How do you make it work?

Re: puch 70cc 45mm reed valve kit

oh dear, you didnt read the fine print. You gonna have to fabricate your own intake on that. Why dont you see if you can sent it back and get the treats 70cc piston port and a manifold. There is no bolt up solution to this unless you can find one of those nutty manifolds some dudes were making here -

that kit really doesnt claim to be bolt on. Its a kinda bolt on... its really a tomos reed kit with a flat exhuast port so you can run a puch exhuast.

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