Peugeot multivar vs variotop

What are the differences? What does spending an extra hundred bucks get you?

Re: Peugeot multivar vs variotop

derbeez ryderz /

hey jon

from what i understand it makes it so you can spend 10 less minutes re tuning your variator each time.

there was a review on the doppler er3 variator w/clutch function, that sounded super rad. price is between both malossi variators and seems better than both.

Re: Peugeot multivar vs variotop

depends on setup... and how often you want to go threw belts. I've played around with the er3 without and with clutch function and variotop with and without clutch and multivar. They all have there place and depend what motor you want to build and what hassles you want to deal with or not deal with.


Re: Peugeot multivar vs variotop

the multivar is cheap quality, your stock variator is better than this model and the bearings are NOT sealed so when ripping after a while they dry up and break apart. you will need an oil gun to inject periodically, basically the er3 is the way to go

Re: Peugeot multivar vs variotop

pretty much what everyone else said in regards to multivar: it's really not worth the money (so I've heard). I know two folks running er3s with clutch on peugeot & mbk and they have been very happy. i have clutchless er3, but haven't run it, so no reports...yet!

edit: just noticed this was from 09...oops! (edited)

Re: Peugeot multivar vs variotop

Andy Pabstalaniec /

I have the multivar on my peugeot with a full malossi 70cc case/cylinder/head. I have had ZERO problems with the bearings in the multivar and it performs amazing. It lifts my front wheel off the ground if I sit toward the back of the bike. My stock clutch has been fine. I do go through belts regularly... although I only have to change them regularly because they make it harder to start. I've put two years of regular riding on this engine and I've only just recently replaced my starter clutch arms. Still haven't replaced the main cluth disc and I've had to do NOTHING to the multivar, I just periodically pop it off and squirt some grease in there. It is still perfect. (edited)

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