Best pipe for small port metra75 Puch?

In Virginia, a moped can't go more than 35MPH as far as I know.

At the moment, I have a Pinto with an E50, 20mm Del carb, 75cc small port metrakit, Powerdynamo ignition, a Homoet 8p pipe, a clutch that grabs pretty late, and 13-36 sprockets.

With this configuration, it takes off pretty good, it hits the pipe harder than michael phelps around 35MPH, and tops out at 48MPH GPS.

A small port kit, and a Homoet 8p don't really seem to match up.

What pipe do people use with the small port kit?

Re: Best pipe for small port metra75 Puch?

Стев Браун /

they match up fine if tuned correctly. homoet is a top end pipe

are you wanting to go faster? pretty simple, just change your front sprocket to a 16 or an 18, you could easily be doing 60 on that setup

Re: Best pipe for small port metra75 Puch?

the human house /

small port... big problems.... good luck

Re: Best pipe for small port metra75 Puch?

You're making it to 48MPH on 13/36? That doesn't sound right at all...

Re: Best pipe for small port metra75 Puch?

48 sounds right, idk about the gear i cant put 13x36 gearing on my maxi cause the chain would hit the exhaust support on the frame.

Re: Best pipe for small port metra75 Puch?

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

it should be faster with 13x36, maybe not a lot faster, but at least 52 or so. Is your timing spot on? Small adjustments in timing can make huge changes to how a bike runs.

Re: Best pipe for small port metra75 Puch?

With 16x36 gears, I can go faster, but it takes more road to get there, and with the brakes on this moped, hmm...

The powerdynamo ignition does not have a curve, and I have it set where I don't hear any pinging at any RPM, so this may be a little retarded at high RPM? Is this correct?

What I was really getting at, is that I'm not supposed to be going more than 35MPH anyway, and I'm willing to sacrifice some top speed for better acceleration. I'd like to keep the gearing about where it is, but get a pipe that will maybe widen the powerband a little, and move it to a lower RPM range.

I could get a bigger rear sprocket, but I don't want the engine screaming at 30MPH. I just want to be able to cruise around 30-35MPH, and have lots of power. If the powerband hit at 25MPH, I'd be happier, even if I max out at 40-45MPH. I can hack and weld a pipe if I have to, but is there any problem using a Proma GP or something like that?

Thanks for the help so far. Thanks for the input on the timing Zacko, I don't think I've got that perfect yet either.

Re: Best pipe for small port metra75 Puch?

I had a similar set up with 16x36 and points and hit high 50's no problem(59.7 GPS)! I just switched to a 19phbg and treats CDi and the low it is much much better and top end is still crazy, maybe faster.

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