peugot 103 kit on a moby?

soo i picked a an old 1980 moby today for my dad who decided to get into the ped sicnce since all my friends and i are. wasnt running when i got it but all i did was clean the carb and she fired right up. now ive noticed 103 wngins look very similar to the 50v engines and im wondering if a 103 cylinder kit will fit on it.



Re: peugot 103 kit on a moby?

103s = case inducted reed valve

50v= piston port

It won't work. Stroke length is different too me thinks.

Re: peugot 103 kit on a moby?

Mike McScoutington /

No, the Peugeot is reed inducted and all American import Motobecane are piston ported, and that is just for starters.

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