Garelli Eureka Flex Tuning

it seems everyone has tuned ssxl's, gran sports, and vip's... but i can't find any Eureka models, and i've notice that the head on my motor has the spark plug angles instead of being completely horizontal like on a gransport or ssxl and i was wondering if that could end up causing an issue when i buy a kit, and i was also curious if there were any exhausts made that didn't require bending other than stock

the more i look at my moped compared to other garellis with noi motors the more mine seems to be an oddity, because in the clutch there wasn't a washer behind the bell like there was in other transmissions i took apart so i don't even know what the deal is

can anyone talk to me about tuning one of these pieces?

Re: Garelli Eureka Flex Tuning

Don't let this thread die :)

I have a long history of working on cars, so have a background of sorts.carb, points, no problem.

i was given a 75 eureka flex basket case, 880 miles total rust from sitting, nothing to lose.

6 kids so budget is first priority.

research: tons of stuff to read and digest is a good starting point. should be everything to get you cruising down the road was useful to me for the plug chop, one of the only ways i know of besides general feel to gauge performance. no dyno, forget the 4 gas.

without 6 carbs to swap out, or even a mixture needle on the sha, i'm going to shim the head with a smaller head gasket to increase the compression ratio from the stock 7:1, should increase torque without pooching the air fuel mix.

2mm gasket, i'm going to try a .5mm if there is plug clearance (plastigage helps)

not badmouthing online stores, but finding a good shop in the area and paying the little bit extra for the 1 on 1 service sounds worth the money.

my wish plan:

adjustable carb, 15mm throttle (brand suggestions for adjustability?)

gears, the tool for pulling the flywheel is req. for the front.

ehaust, no idea what is going on there, factory restriction, carbon buildup?

between each mod i plan to ride ALOT to see what i've done

not a lot of intial outlay of cash, plenty of time for feedback/research, hopefully no damage to the motor.

truth, post back if you find a mid size carb. and i might find the money and we can compare notes.

the flywheel puller tool :

on a side note: i removed the stock airbox (yours is on in the pix) removed the wire screens in the throttle bore, and installed some gauze with k&n filter oil between the layers

neutral rev. proves top rpm is restricted by installing the box.

Re: Garelli Eureka Flex Tuning

thanks daminh, i already know the ins and outs of basic moped repair and how to keep mine on the road but i'm to the point now after a couple of fixes (replacing the rubber gaskets on my pedal shaft so i quit losing various fluids, and taking my motor apart to figure out what the metal clanking noise i hear from time to time is)

now i'm trying to get some exhaust without hack and weld or using a torch to heat it up and bend it (which i'm pretty sure that's what it'll come down to), a kit which i'm not sure if there will be any issues with the head on my NOI, and also which intake would be the easiest to bore out for a new 19mm or 20mm carb (i heard maxi intakes could be re drilled to fit a garelli, but i'm not sure what i'd have to do for a gasket)


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oh and i've already replace my stock air box, with the tiny black cover i used of an extra carb rob had in his garage

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Ive been riding 6 months with a 70cc polini case matched and stock head, no problems. I have a 75 eureka flex, 18mph model, couldn't stand it so got the kit, still have stock pipe and carb. looking to upgrade soon, i have a 21mm oko but i dont know if i'm gonna use it yet. As for pipes, they have pipes that fit on garellis or you could just get a boss, or something of the sort and take it to a machine shop and have them bend it for you, or do the sand trick.

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Rob @t ATTN! Burrito /

garrett i got in one of the garelli turbos from argentina that seem like it will fit. haven't gotten around to bolting it on one yet- but if i get a chance i'll let you know. still can't believe that plug fixed the idle... i think i have a few pedal seals too, if they're the same size as the morinis=-=

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Rob, I'll be home in like 3 weeks so we can get all the odds and ends fixed up, and I should have money for a kit and all, that's why I wanted to see what to look out for before we start doing this

i should try to get a Tennessee drivers lisence before I get back so I don't need to register my ped

Re: Garelli Eureka Flex Tuning

new plug is a good thing.. change it offen.

Re: Garelli Eureka Flex Tuning

Rob @t ATTN! Burrito /

let me know what kit you want and i'll have it here when you get back. yeah get the TN licence (with sweet pic of course) just so you can get pulled over a bunch when you're back. i have your title if you'd want to register it here, you still need insurance and about 70$

Re: Garelli Eureka Flex Tuning

yeah i was thinking of registering it there, because it'd be pretty cool to have a PA plate here in tennessee, because i figure with a kit if i'm on roads above 30mph, cops wouldn't really think about pulling me over because i have a plate and i don't know if they'd recognize the moped endorsement apart from a motorcycle one and let me be on any main road i want to be as long as i hang with traffic

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