Whats a good 50cc exhaust

So for reasons unknown to me I now own three Batavus mopeds. Don't get me wrong I love them, they are like rolling art. However, when I go on rides with my friends, all of whom own kited puchs, I am always left holding down the rear while they blast off from the lights, leave me sitting in a cloud of 2 stoke smoke.

But its not all bad, with painstaking restoration and some basic tuning I do get exactly 30mph out of them, but I would like to squeeze at least 5 more mph out of the incredibly basic Laura m56.

I know no one makes kits for Batavus, and I cant upgrade the small 10mm carb because of how it nests directly behind the drive belt, but I can strap on a different exhaust.

So I would like to get everyone input on what would be a good 50cc performance exhaust for my fleet of Batavusses. And yes I know ill have to hack whatever I buy apart to get it to fit.

Re: Whats a good 50cc exhaust

anything will work, besides the real top end pipes as your motor wont hit their powerband. it just depends on what sort of pipe your looking for.

Re: Whats a good 50cc exhaust

well, as a stock ped its really slow off the line and has no torque for climbing even the slightest of grades. But I mostly want more top end so I can have a cruising speed of 35mph +

Any suggestions

Re: Whats a good 50cc exhaust

try hacking and welding some sort of circuit pipe. real good low end pipes.

Re: Whats a good 50cc exhaust

sell them. get a puch.

Re: Whats a good 50cc exhaust

I would hack and weld a proma gp. hack and welder on a circuit would be a little more tricky.

then you match the outlet your exhaust port to the pipe headers diameter.

mill the cylinder head .020"

Other good ideas include dellorto carb and possibly widening the exhaust port if your ring gaps allow.

then you should stop triyng to make the Bat fast.

Re: Whats a good 50cc exhaust

yeah you can cram a big SHA in there. get a cheap pipe, like a tekno boss or a bullet or something and just chop yours (and the new one) at the header, sometimes you can make it work w/out welding. ie some hoseclamps or some car exhaust fix epoxy shit. encarwis are neat lookin inside but don't make bats fly.

Re: Whats a good 50cc exhaust

take a picture of your carb clearance, must be able to get something in there.

Re: Whats a good 50cc exhaust

you just need to make an intake out of something that will bring the carb up and past that screwy pully set up

Re: Whats a good 50cc exhaust

proma gp hands down best 50cc pipe

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