MetraKit 65cc Soft Seize Issue?

I have a:

MK65 - Tecno Boss - 16.16 SHA 80 Jet

While breaking in the kit I was riding pretty easy going down a light gradient and I had a soft seize, so I waited a bit for the piston to cool down, checked to see if it turned over easy and turned around and headed home.

When I got home I checked the cylinder and there seems to be a small smear I can feel with my finger on the cylinder wall, it seemed minor so I put the whole thing back together.

I believe I soft seized because of an air leak on the intake manifold, so I am moving up to PHBG spigot mount.

I took the bike for a ride and I seem to have lost no power. What should I do, eliminate the air leaks and ride, though take it easy for while couple hundred miles?

Or should I hone the cylinder. It seems to run fine though? Thanks for helping me out I am a bit new.

Re: MetraKit 65cc Soft Seize Issue?

The rings are fine, not stuck or anything.

Re: MetraKit 65cc Soft Seize Issue?

Just rock it. couldn't hurt to use some two stroke oil and 2000 grit and try to clean up the bore and piston though...

Re: MetraKit 65cc Soft Seize Issue?

Try a thicker oil mix. I seized my metra early on running 50:1 klotz, not even being hard on it. So I switched to 37:1, ran like a champ even through some pretty intense abuse. Went back to 50:1 eventually, and it soft seized. Again, I wasn't even riding hard. This thing is awesome, still runs pretty well even after all that and _another_ seize. This time it was just me being an idiot though.

Re: MetraKit 65cc Soft Seize Issue?

get a bottle of muriatic acid from the hardware store.

dip a q-tip in it and use it to get the smeared aluminum off

the cylinder wall.

be careful, this stuff is nasty

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