SHA 14:12 Replacement

Ive got an old City Bike that runs great but I was thinking about replacing the carb because its old and problematic. the float bowl screws are stripped out (I re-tapped them but it still bothers me) And the float sticks a little. Its got the stock 14:12 carb but i was thinking about replacing it with a 15:15 and putting a larger intake on it. Any advantage there?

Re: SHA 14:12 Replacement

i just did this to my tomos, did a 15mm straight shot intake and wanted a 15mm dell carb body but they sent me a 16, so im gonna try it out, on the stand it seemed tog et up and go faster. more air, more power!

Re: SHA 14:12 Replacement

Hey, you're in Missouri. Come, ride.

"Moped StL":

Re: SHA 14:12 Replacement

not to hijack this thread but yes, you should ride with us please. i'm from joplin. now i ride freely in columbia now. you should join us for our rally/fireworks show/laser extravaganza in columbia on sept 4/5/6. linda's gonna be there too...right?

but mopeds, i just got a dell 16:16 upgrade (from 14:9) for my bike and haven't tried it out yet but it's on the list for tomorrow! I'll let you know. but in the meantime you should check out some exhaust upgrades if you want some more juice from yer bike! i don't know much bout cimatti but from the pics it looks like there's probably an exhaust that will work beautifully closer than you think...

Missouri Peds REPRESENT! mopedstl fer life.

Re: SHA 14:12 Replacement

theairportman /

sounds fun! i go to lawrence, columbia, st louis and kc pretty often for fun etc. if never though about taking a ped. i dont have a really good way of transporting it. do you think a bike rack would work?

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