Hobbit'78 tjt vraitor blues-give me orders

I bought TJT variator and ramo.

When bolted in---look like a bushing for the bearing is missing.

Original PA50 II locked a t 17 mph, down a hill jumped to 36.

It was stuck.

I thik it missses the bushing before the bolt adf washer.

All TJT weghts stayed at idle puly rev and was stck'locked.

Filed original un slider plastic bushings, but stil get stuck on tighteneing..

The slots do not match up for a positive lock.

Please oinstruct me with pics.

This is stupid, I am waiting for rear pulley pulling tool.

I did not put new spring in, maybe that;s is the problems.

I SHOULD hAvE WaitED 2 more DAys.

Re: Hobbit'78 tjt vraitor blues-give me orders


Re: Hobbit'78 tjt vraitor blues-give me orders

Make it wayne /

Is your set-up stock? I dont think its possible to get the tjt to work properly with a non-kitted set-up. Even on lightly kitted set-ups its tough and requires heavier weights than the variator comes with.

Re: Hobbit'78 tjt vraitor blues-give me orders

I need a bushing for the inner bearing,

Where can I get one.

The stock slider bushings had to get filed and bound up because the bike was missing the PA50 II bearing bushing from the variator"TJT".

It would not open.

So YES YES YES,I need the bushing, , should I ask HONDA????

Anyone have specs so I can LATHE one out.

My problem is I am missing a piece.

I bought an exhaust that sits on the side and I wait for one of you to tell me what kitt/carb I should buy.

my rear pulley puller is coming tommorow.

I will put rear spring in,BUT, I need to bushing for the variator.

I got ripped on this PA50 II.

Broken pedal-no high beam light.-stock variator fuct- too much to list. Blah Blah loose forks almost died test drive.

That old man should have drove it an then aid OK maybe not that much,

I just wanted a mayching PA50 yellow.

I have one pa50 I and one beat ass fuct-up pa50II.

I just want a good variator.

So I bought a TJT and all the original parts to fix the PA50 II Variator to put on PA50 I but it looks like it wilgo on the II model.

This is bullshit.

I need a spacer or the specs so I can LATHE one out.

HELP ME please.

I always help in the moped repair, this is stupid.

Re: Hobbit'78 tjt vraitor blues-give me orders

Re: Hobbit'78 tjt vraitor blues-give me orders

yeah vraitors!

Re: Hobbit'78 tjt vraitor blues-give me orders

That big post was a tired drunk post.

On page 7 there is Variator assy.

Inside PART 1, there is a needle bearing on the inside, held in by a circlip on the starting clutch side.

Maybe someone bought a PA50 I variator and put it on because the bearing does not touch the shaft and if you tighten it, it was missing the washer also, it wobbles and locks up the variator, if you try to drive at all, it stays in low gear position.

The stock one had broken end cap causing it to stay at 17 then jump to 36 down a hill or on the stand without the aircleaner. This had a cracked piece probably due to improper tightening and balancing be it was the wrong Model Variator.

I think I might remove the PA50 I variator, since it works right and slide on this supposedly "PA50 II" variator and see if it slides on nice. If it does, it is a PA50 I part on the wrong bike.

The neck says PA50 II, on the one I bought the TJT for.

I think someone replaced it with the wrong part.

The ID of the bearing has no seat or shaft to rest on. It looks like it would fit the PA50 I nice.

In the wiki it shows different shafts.


Can I make a bushing at my shop, are they in there stock, or just for people with the wrong part.

My pa50 II has the crank on the left, but it looks like the main starting clutch/variator ramp I have,"part 1 on page 7" are for the PA50 I.

Some jerk must have blown it up and bought the wrong one.

Now I need Half a PA50 II variator and also a pedal-crank shaft drive and the new pins that go with the pedals because that is bent and the pedal spins and falls off..

Like I said, Previous posts wer Drunk, sorry.

Does anyone here have a PA50II variator and a pedal shaft with pedals and the pins.

I mean ,this super old guy bought a new carb and put it on instead of cleaning the old, so I have that ina box and a complete manual printed up an bought that this guy gave me.

Maybe bought the wrong variator, too.

Jeez. So much for bolt it on and have another runner.

I bought the TJT because the PA50II one was wasted and was gonna notch the PA50I and add the other ramp plate.

But my plan is crippled.

Email me if you got parts, we'll do the paypal.

Re: Hobbit'78 tjt vraitor blues-give me orders

Raymond Rexroad /

Just modify your PA50I variator to accept the TJT ramp plate. It's easy to do. Go to the wiki - its under Honda PA50I or PA50M Performance (or lack thereof - and what you can (or can't) do about it) section.

The bushing sizes are also in the wiki http://www.mopedarmy.com/wiki/Honda_PA_Model_Differences.

The wiki is your friend.

Re: Hobbit'78 tjt vraitor blues-give me orders

The wiki kepp jumping to the top when I scolled down, sometimes it is wierd.


Mystery solved.

The guy lost the bushing, the wiki has the right sizes to make one, it is a PA50 II ramp plate, and drive plate with clutch, just minus the precious bushing.

The guy lost it. Period, totally screwed me up.

I just saw the top of the page, then I scolled down and it stayed finally and I saw the dimensions.

I have a pipe waiting, but I won't use it untill I go for a kit and a carb.

It is the honda hobbit proma performance pipe PA50 EXPRESS PA50II .

I wanna wait or do I have too.

I got enough bikes to ride so I don't mind tweaking this one a bit. Probably should shave the head a bit, I reckon, if I use it before a kit.

I have 2 of these 1978 Hobbits, one a I model and one a II model.

Kinda wanted so soup-up the II model.

We were gonna leave the pair at our spare cottage house.

Thank you everyone, I will make a bushing and all will be well.

Since it is all stock, what weights does anyone recommend.

The light, medium or heavy, plus I bought more, the polini weights and those 3 end sliders come with it.

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