fun w/ 65 metra

65 metra on a E-50

19mm race phbg

currently running poorly w/ 38 idle and 92 main

exhaust header intake

big blue polini filter

estroril (still resrticted)

no airleaks to speak of (small one near exhaust)

points gapped around .012

not advanced much (a little bit)

we are having a very slow gurgly take off, once it gets moving it rules. it won't take full throttle till it's moving. you have to inch it back untill your moving.

i'm told idle jets can be pretty random. i have a treat kit blasting away with a 40 idle and 99 main. i was thinking a little smaller kit, a little less idle jet, this must be poor reckoning.

any ideas?

Re: fun w/ 65 metra

You're jetted too high. That's why you can't gun it off the line. I thiink your idle jet is too small to compensate the high jetting.

Re: fun w/ 65 metra

also any airleaks will give you wierd stuttery low-end.

Re: fun w/ 65 metra

My guess would be too rich main jet. Plug chop it when you get a chance. When you dump full throttle off the line, it runs off the main jet. So if you're bogging it, you're more than likely running too rich of a main jet.

Re: fun w/ 65 metra

yeah i am now thinking the main is definately too big im thinking 80s and a bigger idle jet. paz says he was running 55 idle jets. that sounds crazy but that guy knows whats up.

Re: fun w/ 65 metra

also, as far as airleaks go, i sprayed starter fluid all over everything and it's pretty good. nothing happens anywhere, except if you really blast it by the exhaust flange it will slowly die. i'll fix that, the stud hole were close and i tighend them real tight, maybe it would sit more betterer if i filed out those hole a bit. and maybe a chunkier gasket.

it's my friends bike i'm tuning up. so i can't just go change shit and post more i'll bring this post back up when i'm on it again.

it's a sweet maxi, gunmetal grey powder coat frame, black pc forks and snoflakes. got a estoril on it. real clean/mean. mounted a longseat super low. made the mounts myself. it's like 1 inch off the fender. if you look at it from the side you can't see under it. he even pc'd the side rails. no chrome. all black and grey. i'll post a pic sooner or later.

Re: fun w/ 65 metra

I dont know exactly what your timing is but I think you need to recheck that. .012 is a little narrow. I think stock is .016. (changing point gap changes timing) It may not sound like much but timing is a huge deal on any engine. set your points and timing to stock settings using the stock procedure and then try it out. The stock setting is always a good starting point. I have run the exact setup as you and was running a 95 main jet, with stock timing with excellent results. I am in nebraska with faily high humidity and about 1800 ft in altitude. good luck

Re: fun w/ 65 metra

.012 is way small, go at least .016 or .018

Re: fun w/ 65 metra

a lot of bandits running that setup are in the mid 80's on their main. 92 is too rich most likely. advancing yr timing to 3/4ths to full might help a bit especially with a gap that small. also tuning your clutch would be good for you to. we have been running stock two shoes turned all the way in and then backed out 1.5-2 turns. we also have been experimenting with things other than atf.

Re: fun w/ 65 metra

i like gapping them real small (points) to accommodate for floating and advancing the timing a bit to compensate. however, they were probably at stock before i did this and it made no difference. i still kinda think it's a jet problem. phbg's are weird carbs. the 19.5 i have on my bike is perfect. 40i and 98m on my un-port matched treat kit, just bolted up, no case/intake/nothin. rips like crazy where ever you put the throttle, idles nice, good plug. no 4 stroke. goes like 45, solid with low gears, (snow flakes) can't get it right on this mk 65.

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