16.16 + NOI = Intake? (calling all Garelli peeps)

Ok yallz.

I got a Garelli SSXL, stock stock stock until yesterday I put a tecno boss on there, used the stock header and had my buddy weld the expansion chamber on (it's not actually a tecno boss, but he made the pipe to tecno boss specs) it feels awesome, sounds really sweet (got a kind of rubbery sound to it, sweet)

So I got this here 16.16 sha I've been sittin on for a while and I wanna pop it on my bike! Problem is the stock intake is too small for the 1616 to clamp on. Besides, who want's a stock intake anyway.

So my question is, aside from making a whole new intake, what can I use? The bolts are different from a puch intake, from what I can see... and I don't have calipers to measure the inside of the carb (not on hand anyway) ...

Anybody done this? I know zack bandit has a 16... I'm just lookin' for some guidance here.

Also, am I shootin' myself in the foot using the stock header? It's a stock cylinder currently, so I didn't think it would be a huge deal.

Re: 16.16 + NOI = Intake? (calling all Garelli pee

the 14.12 shim that is used for a tomos intake will get you a pretty snug fit on that intake.

Re: 16.16 + NOI = Intake? (calling all Garelli pee

Will that hinder the performance of my 16.16? If I can get a true 16 mil intake and bore that shit out, wouldn't that be better performance wise?

Re: 16.16 + NOI = Intake? (calling all Garelli pee

yes that would be better but if you're running the stock intake you'll need that shim to make it fit. The best solution is to fab up a 16mm intake. Sorry i can't help more.

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