Gilardoni 74cc, e50

Jimbo (Moped taco) /

what needs to be done to make the gila kit work effectivly on a e50?

case welding/boring?

port matching?

Or is it just bolt on power?

Re: Gilardoni 74cc, e50

Case boring, port matching, installing a race crank and carb, clutch and ignition tuning as the basics.

But you REALLY don't want to go there if you're not experienced with peds.

Try getting familiar with the stock engine, learn how to tune a carb and ignition etc. and then try a normal kit. 50cc or 70cc, with a bigger (18mm or so) carb. If all that's succeful you might consider a Gila.

Re: Gilardoni 74cc, e50

Sooo true. Take it from me who didn't listen to peoples advice and do what he said. 50cc is just fine for awhile, until you are comfortable with your tuning abilities. Seriously, you'll save a lot of time, money, and heartache.

Re: Gilardoni 74cc, e50

MAdeleted nitronick /

or just buy the trests 70cc pack with all the goodies and slap that shit on and call it a 45mph day

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