no start, malossi 62cc

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So i'll try to include everything i've done, hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.

78 magnum mkii. za50, rebuilt less then 500 miles ago.

removed oil injection; intake, reservoir, pump, little black thing, worm gear. Make a block off plate from a scrap steel computer case, reused gasket, m5 hexnuts.

removed old running stock head, cylinder, piston, gaskets.

filed, sanded malossi cylinder skirt, slides in no issue.

washed all parts in two stroke fuel, lubed using 2stroke oil.

piston ring within spec.

1 paper base gasket, cylinder and piston in , windows facing intake port.

DMP high comp head, 2 metal head gaskets.

torqued 1.2 KGM (8-9ft lbs)

compression 230psi.

proma GP exhaust, thick gasket, m6 long nuts.

intake is malossi.

carb 15.15 SHA, cleaned, several times. 78 jet, #50 choke plate. Carb sits at a funny angle till new intake shows up in the mail. filter is stock. i have a high flow, but it won't fit in there with the current intake.

replaced all fuel lines, added inline filter.

spark plug is bosch platinum 4214, gapped .016 (and i've tried 4 of them)

points checked, and rechecked, .016, didn't muck with timing yet.

checked spark with inline tester, so plug sparks.

I have tried and tried and tried, and it will not fire. i've tried 62-80 jets, choke, no choke, stock filter, no filter. recheck points, reclean carb.

The bowl is always full when i go to clean and or change jets, i can smell fuel in the head.

what the hell am i missing. i have compression, i guess i can try rolling back to the stock head. i have fuel, i have spark. i just keep ripping at it, over and over and over, and while rarely it feels like it's gonna fire, it still never does.

I have to be missing something. but what.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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