Fa50 Preformance Full break down (pics)

Due to my email box exploding after my Fa50 post on the general forum, I decided to do a full wright up on every thing I did to build the Supper FA.

There are more pics on the original post so..... Click Here for the original Gen For post break>

This is the bike

Frame: 1980 FA50 frame, cut off the gas tank and welded up a new seat mount. Foot pegs were cut in half and turned around for better clearance.

Suspension: Hydrolic damped all around, cut tomos ebrs in the front and a cr80 mono shock in the rear

Breaks: Hydrolic Discs front and back, 10" rotor in the front driven by a 3.5oz master cylinder with twin piston caliper, 8" rotor in the back driven by a 3oz master cylinder, same twin piston caliper.

Bars and controls: My custom clip-ons made with MTB handle bar stems and cut bars. stock fa50 controls do the rest, minus break leavers as they are supplied with the gremica master cylinders.

Wheels: 16" Grimica "5 spokes?" made for an aprilia sacarabeo scooter, they are wrapped in parellie ML75 16"x2.5" supper sticky slicks.

Engine: 60cc parma kit, non port matched, the intake has been dremled out to about 14mm, and extended out to the side by a cut off hobbit muffler header. The carb is a sha 15.15

Exhaust: Cut and modded hobbit proma circuit with a Scooter pipe silencer off a leo venci xl

Starter: Techomse pull starter off a 3.5hp lawn mower :) I just welded the snag cup to the fly wheel, and used the old magneto cover to make a removable mount for the pull start mechanism.

Transmission : This is were this bike gets nuts, the whole transmission was replaced by a full aprilia scarabeo variator system. this was accomplished by cutting both the fa and the aprilia drive arms in half, and simply welding the pieces back together :) Doing it this way allowed me to run the wheels and breaks off the aprilia, aswell as any aprilia preformance parts, clutches, racing gears, and I've already equipped with a Molosse Multi-Var. I also had to make a new seal for the crank bearing as it was formerly lubed by the trans fluid. The front variator was a mounted on the crank with a few simple shims and some tricky spacing. I was able to use the stock belt, but I could make use of a belt that is about 25mm longer. here is a before and after shot.

I think that is almost every thing, any more questions post em up here.

Re: Fa50 Preformance Full break down (pics)

you are a wild man, nate!


Re: Fa50 Preformance Full break down (pics)

Totally fucking boss. I can't wait to get blasted by this beauty.

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King Drunky JCams /

You should be proud.

Great work.

Can't wait to show my buddy at the local scooter shop : )

Re: Fa50 Preformance Full break down (pics)

you are amazing!

Re: Fa50 Preformance Full break down (pics)

you should be tied up somewhere. this is sick.

Re: Fa50 Preformance Full break down (pics)


Re: Fa50 Preformance Full break down (pics)

Sick. I love the franken trans and the stance

Re: Fa50 Preformance Full break down (pics)

is it fast

Re: Fa50 Preformance Full break down (pics)

Is that parmakit for an FA50?

Do you feel like you lost some RPMs on account of the pull start mechanism?

The case welding is awesome. Gets around that infamous noped fixed final drive gear.

How fast is it?

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It's fast enough. I think he can pull a boat too.

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Re: Fa50 Preformance Full break down (pics)

Hi Nathan,

I also have ERB front forks and a set of scarabeo wheels. I'm just getting started on a project.

some specific parts questions:

- what disc did you use with the scarabeo front wheel and where did you get it?

- what front caliper did you use and where did you get it?

- what spacers or bushings did you use to center the wheel on the EBR's and where did you get them?

wheel/tire question:

- you posted that your tires are ML75 2.5x16 - is that front and rear? also, are your wheels 1.60x16" front and 1.85x16" rear? or the same width?




Re: Fa50 Preformance Full break down (pics)

Um man I can't tell you most of that info because I used a bunch of crap laying on the garage floor. The disk is the one that comes on the wheel.

Can I ask how the hell you plan on mounting the rear wheel? If I were you that's the part I would be concerned with.

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wow nice and hows it actually sit? how much did the variator change the gearing? still low? and wasn't it sitting with a miki at whiskey business last year?

Re: Fa50 Preformance Full break down (pics)

I have the entire drive assembly from a scarabeo: engine, cvt-transmission, and rear wheel. I also have the front wheel with 220mm disc, brake caliper, lever, etc (I believe your model-year scarabeo has a 190mm disc). I'm using the disc-compatible ERB forks and Romeo ThunderHawk frame. Obviously the frame won't connect to my engine mounts but it gives me a starting point. Not sure if I want to go hard-tail or pivoting swing-arm with mono shock.

At this point, I'm trying to get the front wheel mounted on the ERBs and the brakes hooked up. My #1 issue is figuring out what to use as spacers or bushings to center the scarabeo wheel on the EBRs. Any help on this one would be greatly appreciated.

I suppose I'll figure out the disc and caliper thing. My stock caliper does not fit the EBR bolt holes. I'll will need to fabricate an adapter-plate or get a different caliper. On the other hand, I wouldn't mind hooking up a big beefy Brembo if that's possible.

Also, I was wondering if you were using Pirelli ML75 2.5

Re: Fa50 Preformance Full break down (pics)

my back wheel is a bit wider than the front but the 2.5s still look fine, as far as spacers go like i said i just used stuff i had lyin around, you can use washers or cut some tube maby?

Re: Fa50 Preformance Full break down (pics)

Sweet... I'll pick up an aluminum pipe and cut it; seems like a lot of space to fill with washers. I wasn't sure whether I needed special spacers. The EBRs didn't come with an axel/bolt so I assume I can simply use an appropriate diameter stainless steel bolt and locking nut. Yep, bike looks good with the Pirelli ML75 2.5's.

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can i borrow that bike for a few weeks. i just got a job delivering newspapers and i got a flat tire and i don't got no money to get a new one til i get paid from delivering newspapers. i'll bring it back

Re: Fa50 Preformance Full break down (pics)

Buy a axle off ebay that is the right diameter and includes spacers. Ditch the axle and cut the spacers to the desired/needed length.

Another option go on a metal shop online and buy metric tube with appropriate ID and OD, cut to length.

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Very very nice. I would like to share a straight jacket with you but I am not worthy. I got plans for my Razz/Interceptor but they don't involve the Italjet Torpedo engine trans and wheel I have laying around for sumpthin else. Good work Nate

Re: Fa50 Preformance Full break down (pics)

"Razz":http://jleibovitch.tripod.com/id180.htm Interceptor break>

Please tell me that I understand you correctly.


Nate, I brought a ratty Express to NYC with a ratty Aero 80 engine bolted to it, and got a lot of "Didn't a Bourbon Bandit do something like that?" comments.

"No," I finally huffed out, "Nate Bandit built a well-thought-out Suzuki with an Aprilia transmission and wheels. This is an Express with a scooter engine strapped to it, and it still has both wiring harnesses."

It also turned out to have a moped wristpin instead of the needed 12mm one, and no base gasket.

And I didn't check it.

And it blew up and ate itself.

So, you can indeed rest easily knowing that you haven't done anything like that.

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this bike has gotten even meaner since then. it WILL run you over/throw you off if you don't respect it. near scary to ride.

Re: Fa50 Preformance Full break down (pics)

yeah, especially after the ~18 mikuni thats on it now.

Re: Fa50 Preformance Full break down (pics)

hahahah man. i really wanted to ride that thing at whiskey business, i was probably too depressed still to even give it a shot

looked so fun....and that was before it was crazy!

Re: Fa50 Preformance Full break down (pics)

Man, I got more post this time around than when I built it. Thanks guys. Emails replied.

Re: Fa50 Preformance Full break down (pics)

.. any issues with the exposed cvt components? Does he rubber belt slip when wet... when riding in the rain?

Re: Fa50 Preformance Full break down (pics)

I Love all the custom shit! hats off for all the physical and mental work that goes into these GREAT builds!

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