AV10 carb tuning

closing in on a fast steady setup. a kink i'm working on now is getting the idle right.

after wot and coming to a stop, the engine sometimes dies. If i give it a blip throttle before, then it stays alive. i've played with the air/fuel idle circuit screw as well as the idle screw (most of the way in).

i should know the phbg better by now (attached is the nice dellorto pdf guide) which i read from time to time, but the starter/idle thing is still a bit of black magic to me.

any suggestions for fine tuning the idle, please share

phbg 21, w7, 2nd leanest, 96main, 50idle,

polini 70cc, doppler er1 pipe, 4petal doppler intake

Re: AV10 carb tuning


Re: AV10 carb tuning

Have you checked for air leaks?

Re: AV10 carb tuning

good point...will check tomorrow

Re: AV10 carb tuning

They will fuck your day/week/month/summer/years up if you fail to take care of them and continue to attempt to tune the carb.

Re: AV10 carb tuning

yeah. though, i doubt i have a leak. torqued 9 ft/lbs as designated on head nuts. new gaskets all around, new crankcase. clamp on carb is tight.

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