Grey Plugs.

What does it mean?

Right now, after switching out a 50cc bidalot for a 70cc malossi on my AV10, I can't get it to hold an Idle for the life of me, Thrown the jetting all over the place. I assumed that the electrical and everything was fine, because I never had any problems like this on the previous cylinder. I looked at the plug, and Its coming out pretty grey, what does this mean? I have heard it was electrical issues, but I have CDI. Can it be timing? I dunno I'm kinda stumped why it won't Idle.

Re: Grey Plugs.

Oh, to make clear, It does run, pretty damn well, just not at Idle.

Re: Grey Plugs.

Pablo Puchasso /

Grey plug does usually mean timing. I just advanced mine and it holds an idle way better (on a puch of course though.)

Re: Grey Plugs.

Fuck, I lost my flywheel puller.

Re: Grey Plugs.

yea man my bro jesse got gray plugs on his av7 parma and kept riding and blew a hole in the piston!!! is was due to his timing.. it was fine untill he took one base gasket out and it advanced the timing just enough to heat the piston to blow a hole in it....

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