kit shit

so i got my 70cc dmp, shit is hot, runs good. got a 19.5 dell. leovince pipe, homemade intake 97 main jet. no matching yet.

i've been running it jingerly for a month or so, probably about a hundred miles. generous 50/1 mix, probably more like 48/1.

i don't know if maybe it's just really hot and humid, or what the deal is but it seems like it's slowing down a little. i think i remember someone saying you down jet after a break in. not sure. plug looks good. i have been pretty careful with it. it wasn't rich when i was breaking it in, just a little dark chocolate. it seems like it's four stroking a bit. i can't hear it very well as the phbg screams like a banshee.

i know everybody and their brother is running a similar setup, how is yours doing?

Re: kit shit

how is your compression. You are a little richer in hotter weather, so u may need to downjet a lil bit. but i would trust the plug. any air-leaks? Sometimes they develop after running for a little while. Re-torque all you nuts too.

Re: kit shit

also check your timing and go with a cooler plug.

Re: kit shit

i checked timing, looks good, gapped .013. almost fulladvance on stator plate. bolts are all tight. i dropped the needle one slot. lets see what happens.

Re: kit shit

.013 is a little small, at least for my liking. i run almost full adv with .016 point gap.

also, you haven't case matched the kit and you're running a 97 main?

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