103 variating engine on a 102?

is it possible? has it been done? my 102 frame is in amazing condition and the 102 engine is just crap. if not I'll check one more time, has anyone put the Parmakit on the 102 yet?

Re: 103 variating engine on a 102?

no it will not work. not a chance without some serious welding and complications.

parmakit for 102 is 50cc right? not much difference. more top speed probably.

Re: 103 variating engine on a 102?

yeah thats what I figured, do you think if I upgrade that carb get the pipe that supposedly fits from treats and the parmakit I could run a decent moped or am I throwing money in a well here? anyone know a carb that fit by the way?

Re: 103 variating engine on a 102?

Lee is right. The 102 has a fixed engine mount, meaning you'd have to figure out a way to get the engine to pivot on it's mount, then figure where to install a tension spring. Not worth it.

Just do the regular ol' shit. Buy that treats kit, maybe port it, make your clutch lighter, hackn'weld a performance pipe on your stock header, get a dellorto carb. You'll hit 35 no problem, maybe more.

I had a non-variated 103, and at 50cc with a light clutch, sha15, performance pipe it was a really solid ride. Never got up to the speeds I wanted, mainly because of the gearing, but it was really zippy and took hills okay. You can probably change your gearing as well.

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