mbk bidalot variator tuning

how many of you guys are running this? I have this on a doppler endurance crank, malossi 70, doppler clutch pulley, malossi x belt, doppler red spring.

The quality seems quite nice and works well, though with the heaviest weights, I'm still not fully variating. Others have this issue? I can't find weights for sale, but I think I can just stack them with a longer screw. The Doppler spring seems quite stiff, so heavy weights seem the way to go

Re: mbk bidalot variator tuning

try a different belt and see how that works. Something like a AX30 would be a good choice.


Re: mbk bidalot variator tuning

will first try heavier weights today, then if that's not good, try a different belt. the malossi x seems to work fine...the stock belt and stock replacement belt are too short and thin for this setup...and just not grippy enough.

Re: mbk bidalot variator tuning

stacked the weights (heaviest and lightest), works perfectly.

definitely got to a higher speed and variating more, maybe completely.

but seized before that happened. ha. will be back up and running by saturday (polini 70 replaces malossi 70)

Re: mbk bidalot variator tuning


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