Want Carb Upgrade and Possible Exhaust

I have a 1977 Sprinter Moped I used to get back and forth to college a few years back, and now I want to start riding it to work and around town again. I'm in the process of giving it a new paint job and tuning it up a bit, one of the things I want to do while it's getting some TLC is upgrade the carb, and by that I mean s**tcan the old Bing that is on there and start fresh. The more I look, the more I really don't know what I'm looking for. A bit more power would be nice, but all I really want is something that works well on the 'ol beast and is dependable.

There's got to be some go-to carb that works like a champ out there, right?

...also, I was thinking about new exhaust...bad ass, but not too loud...

Show me whatcha got.

Re: Want Carb Upgrade and Possible Exhaust

Usually the preferred replacement for a Bing is a Dellorto, like this or this. If you get a carb that's larger than the intake you have, it won't help performance as much, although that shouldn't hurt the dependability. Personally, I much prefer Bings to Dellortos (SHAs), but there are plenty of people on both sides of that debate.

If you're looking for more performance, a pipe would be a good addition. I have no idea what kind of engine you've got on that, but from the picture in your profile, it looks like a Tomos pipe would be pretty close. You're going to have to do some modifying to make things fit and work (we all do ... "bolt on" is a myth no matter what moped you have, I swear), but I would think that it can be done.

Re: Want Carb Upgrade and Possible Exhaust

Yeah, speaking of, I have been wondering what kind of engine I've got for a while. On what I think is the Flywheel cover it says "CASAL", but that isn't the kind of engine is it? It would be helpfull to know when looking for parts and such. I'll try to take some pics to post up.

Re: Want Carb Upgrade and Possible Exhaust

Ordered last week, should be here in a few days...

Dellorto 16.16 SHA Carburetor - Long Click Choke

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