70cc Parmakit

this lil bad boy doesn't have a window or any type of holes in the intake side of the piston. now my last kit( rip ), the alukit had a huge hole in the piston.. while this only has one ring ( for higher rpms ), the alukit had two ( more low end )... my question is....would it behoove me to take the alukit piston as a templet and cut a hole in the parmakit piston?? why would one reed valve kit have an open window in the piston and another deem it not necessary??? there are 768 posts for parmakit and 238 posts for piston windows that i have read in the last two days... still at a loss whether to do this....

Re: 70cc Parmakit

Which engine?



Cutting windows is fine. You just have to know exactly what you're doing.

Re: 70cc Parmakit

its the tomos but she will be going on an e50....i had the alukit till the wrist pin clip decided to alleviate me of the cylinder...i'm verdy handy with a dremmel....

Re: 70cc Parmakit

alukit is reed inducted which is why it has the boost hole, for longer intake timing. Parma should rip regardless, huge transfers

Re: 70cc Parmakit

the parmakit has reeds as well, which is why i were wondering why it hasn't any holes in the piston..

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