jetting help

i ordered a pipe and filter for my maxi, all stock before this, and was curious as to estimated jet size i should get, input would be appreciated


Re: jetting help

nobody's gonna be able to jet your bike over the internet. they can only give you a starting range which might work. then it's up to you to do plug chops and such to figure out what works best for your specific circumstances.

of course, to get started, you may also want to let people know which pipe and filter you bought. every pipe jets differently.

Re: jetting help

I have maxi with biturbo pipe, 14mm intake 12bing and foam air filter jet at 72 which is still high

Re: jetting help

wasnt asking to jet for me, jsut a basis to start at

tecno boss

foam air filter

Re: jetting help

high sixties low 70s. If you have a 14 bing, probably like 72ish. 68ish if you have a 12. But yeah, do your plug chops.

Re: jetting help

I second high 60's - low 70's, but also, read this.

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