Korado top end....fried piston?

Cleats Onionpockets /

So I've been running a Korado top end on my E-50 for a good while now, a year or so. It's port matched, pulls like a mofo (for a 49cc) and is dead reliable....until now. Coming home from the grocery store today, not even running full throttle, my engine suddenly sounded like a blender with a rock in it. Hard lock...walked it home. Upon taking the head off, metallic powder falls out. I take it all down, and find that the culprit is my piston. Somehow, the piston skirts (both of them, mind you) snapped off all jagged like, and the bits got ground to powder. By some lucky chance, my cylinder wall and head survived unscathed (wtf? yay!).

Thing is...what the hell happened? Does this plague any other riders out there?

Re: Korado top end....fried piston?

Never had that happen. Did your tire lock up? Im always worried about that happening. Seems like it would be bad bad news if youre moving pretty well.

Re: Korado top end....fried piston?

John Joedicke /

Bearings disintigrated or big end crank bearing is worn out. who knows till you take it all apart.

Re: Korado top end....fried piston?

Good luck finding a new one...

Either Steve's rip-off city or order from Germany

Re: Korado top end....fried piston?

yeah, one or all or some of your bearings went out.

congrats on saving the clyinder though.

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