Guntner replacement

I'm probably not doing the search right, but, whats a good replacement on the stock moby intake?

Re: Guntner replacement

Everyone uses dels to replace those horrible gurtners. I donno if you can use the stock intake though, maybe have to get one, or make one. It would be a really easy intake to fab.

Re: Guntner replacement

Mike Scouty McScoutington /

The Dellorto will fit on the stock intake fine. If you want something that will act more like a Gurtner shoot for the SHA 14:12. I have run those carbs and been very successful. I have also had good luck with the SHA 15:15, but that was a ported cylinder and all that fun. You can also get very nice 15 mm short intakes from Quarterkick for the cheapness.

Re: Guntner replacement

I like to use a solid cube of aluminum. Works great!

Re: Guntner replacement

I actually take the carb off completely and throw gasoline at it while I ride. Works fine. You can adjust your mixture on the fly and everything.

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