Metra 80 Piston exhaust clearance

I'm building a metra 80 small port for my Puch dart and wondering about the base gaskets. I bought the kit used and it has no gaskets!! at BDC, where should the piston be? I have 1 base gasket and the piston sticks out 1 or 2mm in the exhaust port, about the size of the ring. you can see the top ring! at TDC it totally clears the intake port. so it seems i could add a base gasket or 2 and have it totally clear both ports!! my concern is overheating the ring! but its not hitting the head, so it has nice compression!! what do you guys think?

Re: Metra 80 Piston exhaust clearance

the human house /

piston should meet up with the exhaust port nothing should be in the port.

it should be flush at bdc

Re: Metra 80 Piston exhaust clearance

rob farmer /

thanks Drew, thats the answer I was hoping for/expecting!! anybody else build a metra 80 small port and have to run a bunch of gaskets to make the piston clear the exhaust. I have 1 on there now, but think i will have to add atleast 2 more to bring the cylinder up enough! I hope i don't lose too much compression, its real nice right now!!

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